PayPal’s travel manager Denise Truso has been elected to a two-year term as chair of the board of directors of the Global Business Travel Association, the association announced at its annual business meeting on Tuesday. Truso has been acting as chairman of the board since former elected Bhart Sarin abruptly stepped down in April.

In his campaign statements, Truso focused on the health of the organization and pledged to put financial and decision-making transparency at the forefront during regular public meetings open to members with the GBTA Board of Directors. . She also pledged to build on the organization’s recent push towards globalization and inclusiveness. UBS Global Head of Travel Mark Cuschieri ran unchallenged for the post of Vice Chairman of the GBTA Board of Directors and was also elected for a two-year term.

GBTA voters, which now include both buyers and suppliers, turned to some existing board representatives (or interim representatives) when given the opportunity. Current Allied Managing Director Will Pinnell, who is vice president of digital and product strategy for BCD Travel, has renewed his seat on the board for a final term. Pinnell played a leadership role in developing bylaw revisions to reintroduce term limits.

Voters also gave the green light to American Airlines chief customer officer Alison Taylor, who was appointed to the board in December to fill the vacant post of vice chairman on the Allied Board of Directors of organization, and who will henceforth occupy a role of general manager of the allies. . PredictX Vice President of Customer Success, Maria Chevalier, is new to the board in the third open Allied CEO seat of this cycle. The Allied CEO with the most votes will choose a two- or three-year term. There is one two-year term available and two three-year terms among the extraordinary seats in this cycle. According to a spokesperson for the GBTA, the big Allied winners have been informed and these decisions are being made.

BNY Mellon’s chief executive and head of business, travel and events services Mick Lee landed the only direct member seat available in this election cycle. Lee is the founder of WinIt, an association she sold to GBTA in 2018 and for which she continues to be vice president. Its campaign platforms have focused on promoting the value of business travel as a business catalyst and return-to-travel strategies. She also stressed the importance of GBTA’s role in forming recruitment programs to attract workers to the travel industry as a whole. Voters chose Lee over Facebook’s re-election candidate Erin Wilk. Lee will serve a two-year term.

The newly expanded GBTA Board of Directors included direct member regional headquarters for Canada and Europe. The Canadian seat, which was not contested, was awarded to Sharlene Ketwaroo-Nanoo, Head of Travel and Events at Rogers Communications, a founding member of the organization’s new DE&I committee and whose campaign focused on l hope for a more inclusive future for GBTA. Jens Liltorp, Global Director of Travel and Meetings at LEO Pharma, won in the European race for the regional headquarters. His platform urged GBTA to break the current silos between the United States and other regions to create a more globalized information exchange and dialogue among members of the GBTA community. Ketwaroo-Nanoo will serve a two-year term; Liltorp will serve a three-year term.

Rosemary Maloney, Global Travel and Expense Manager for Sprinklr, has been elected Chair of the Council of Chapter Presidents.

Some members were disappointed with the results, saying they did not have enough changes at the top to cause a significant change in the direction of the organization. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a longtime member and former director of the board contacted BTN.

“It’s nice to see that there is greater global representation on the board; however, with the events of the past year, it is disappointing that there is no change at the helm, ”what the member called the ordeal as an accomplice to previous organizational failures. by GBTA. “I thought the change would take GBTA to the next level; based on these results, I’m not sure it’s really possible.

GBTA CEO Suzanne Neufang, however, pointed out during the organization’s business meeting that 29% of eligible members voted in the online elections, which is a record turnout for GBTA. In a statement, she welcomed the overhaul of GBTA’s statutes which extended voting rights to suppliers, rather than just buyers, and which renewed the terms of board members and expanded the global representation of the organization.

“In this election, for the very first time, buyer and supplier members could vote for all seats. For the first time, we have global representation with voting and leaders placed on the new board, ”said Neufang. “These are incredible firsts that bode well for the future of our association, as well as for the members and constituencies that GBTA serves,” she said.

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