A struggling small business in North Richland Hills that has downsized to a full-time employee shares its optimism after learning it will receive a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program.

Sinsational Cakes grabbed the nation’s attention and started off with a booming bakery. Now they are hoping that a PP loan will help them keep their business going and keep the cakes coming.

The colorful North Richland Hills Bakery Truck reveals some impressive accolades: Winners of Cupcake Wars in 2013 and Cake Wars in 2016.

But amid a business-contested pandemic, the store has taken a different step. The company has been approved for a Payment Protection Program loan.

Sisters Anyatta Ward and Sonji Ward-Jones got the PPP loan they prayed for to help their struggling bakery stay afloat as they strive to regain lost business believed to be from weddings, parties and d special occasions. Now they are cautiously optimistic.

“We were able to have an employee on the bridge who was able to get more supplies, able to pay bills with that,” Ward said. “But we just don’t know how long it’s going to last.”

FOX 4 was with the sisters last week when headlines emerged that the program had been cut and needed congressional approval for more funds to continue. The bakery app was in play.

After receiving their good news, they urge other small businesses to be patient. They also advise being prepared to prove good record keeping.

“Gathering the paperwork for the bank, it lets me know it’s good that we know our stuff because you need to have your paperwork. You have to be responsible, ”Ward-Jones said. “They want you to be accountable for everything.”

The sisters are ready to move the cupcake truck forward and are grateful for their PPP loan.

“My first thing is if you believe in prayer, continue to have faith,” Ward-Jones said. “Do not give up.”