The company also recently qualified for Google nonprofit status, which will give it free advertising and access to Google platforms.

In addition to directing Beautiful Together, Lackey is a Professional Photographer, Nikon Ambassador and the host of PBS NC’s “Chasing Frames”, which focuses on the people who transform lives, protect the planet and save people in the need.

She and her husband also own several other businesses, including Coco Bean, an herbal cafe in Chapel Hill.

“You know, Tamara is super inspiring and very motivating,” Caffrey said. “She’s such an inspiration, and that obviously means so much to her. You just can’t say no to her.”

Lackey attributes her success to her husband and his team, who she says are overqualified and immensely dedicated.

“We have a really smart team, which I appreciate. It’s not just people who love animals, they’re very accomplished and smart people who are good at problem-solving and brainstorming and who have an idea. wider of how we can all do that, it’s an awesome team, ”she said.

The core team includes people like Farrell Carpenter, who was the Lackeys’ real estate agent, and now works as director of care support and client relations, as well as Caffrey and Jane-Howard Crutchfield. Caffrey left his 20-year career in US business to join the team in March.