New Tory Speaker Jake Berry gave his first interview since taking office 20 days ago with an attack on people who ‘don’t believe in Britain’.

The people attacking Liz Truss’s vision of tax cuts are the same Remainers who attacked Brexit and ‘don’t believe in Britain’, new Tory Speaker Jake Berry told uk.

In his first interview since being nominated by Ms Truss to lead the party to victory in the next election, Mr Berry hailed the new government as a ‘new start for a new era’ in British history, but warned that his party was “in the battle of their lives.”

As the Labor Party conference in Liverpool promises to cancel much of Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget, others, including former Tory leader Lord Hague, criticize the growth plan as the pound fluctuates on the markets. But Mr Berry said he had heard much the same thing before.

Speaking in the Churchill Room at CCHQ (the headquarters of the Conservative Party), he said: “I really believe in Britain and our prime minister really believes in Britain. I know Britain can do it.

“If I’m really being honest with you and thinking about the collective voices we’ve heard doubting Britain can go for growth, I mean it’s really the same people who opposed Brexit.

“These are the same people a few years ago after Britain voted to leave the EU who said ‘Britain cannot stand, we cannot be an independent sovereign nation outside of the EU, you workers have not done it. know what you were doing, you were stupid to vote for Brexit.

“These same voices, in fact in many cases the exact same people, who went from experts in European law to experts in the financial market overnight, saying we can’t do this.”

He added: ‘The clear message I would give is that they got Brexit wrong and they got this government wrong about this government’s ambition to grow this economy.’

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