Mill Valley Managers Show Lack of Commitment

As I reflect on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, I am disheartened and disappointed by the racism that has emerged across the country, including my hometown. I am disappointed with Mill Valley.

City officials took a superficial approach to Black Lives Matter and issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, bringing in an outside consultant. She selected community members for the DCI committee without knowing the community. These members served on the short-lived committee and worked hard. However, the DCI commission only lasted a few months. It made recommendations, but then it was dissolved. City officials did not adopt members’ key recommendations.

The committee recommended that a DCI standing committee be formed. But city government officials and city council – both predominantly made up of whites – were unable to see the need for such a group. They missed the mark. We white people must stop telling black people, native people and people of color what they need. We need to take a step back and listen to what they want for change. We must always include them in the process and seriously consider their views.

It’s time for Mill Valley to step in and take the right action to support all of our community.

– Joan Steidinger, Mill Valley

San Anselmo High School Editorial Comparison

The IJ editorial printed on May 16 with the headline “Williams is a good choice, despite the process” may survive the test of time better than the newspaper editorial of 1950, which approved of the name choice. Sir Francis Drake for the next-to- San Anselmo. open high school.

Tamalpais Union High School District Council’s approval for popular Archie Williams as the school’s new name appears to be mostly adopted by the community. However, during the complicated name change process over the past year, the 1950 school board has been unfairly and needlessly demonized. The 1950 editorial had many information gaps that helped promote Drake’s smear campaign.

Although Drake was the first known white man to set foot in Marin, he was accompanied by family members, other European crew members, and several former freed slaves employing Africans (not enslaved), whose arm Drake right, Diego. The remarkably peaceful meetings with the local Miwoks took place for five weeks in the summer of 1579. In 2020, opponents of the name “Drake” called the 1950 school board “white supremacists” for adopting the name.

The 1950 editorial never mentioned that the high school was located on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, which has been so named since 1929. In addition, Drake Elementary School had been on campus since 1938. By 1950, it made sense to name the school after Duck.

Then, as today, Drake’s Exam lends itself to the study of world history, geography, and many social issues. Since 1950, dozens of books on Drake have been written and are available to develop students’ critical thinking. Drake’s fascinating story was the first evidence of globalization to reach Marin.

Globalization during the 2020-2021 pandemic has been a horrific experience. I believe this partially and unconsciously led to the removal of Drake’s name from school.

– Michael Ardito, Fairfax

Most understand that Newsom has followed the science

I write about the Southern California News Group Editorial Board editorial on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall effort recently published in Marin IJ (“As California opens, Newsom’s recall seems an unlikely pursuit », May 25).

The majority of Californians understand a reality about the reminder that editorial writers have failed to grasp. The editorial said voters in January 2021 were “understandably and legitimately critical of Newsom due to COVID-19 lockdowns.” The majority of Californians know the virus was a disaster; more than 33,000 Californians have died, millions of Californians have contracted the virus, and thousands of businesses have gone bankrupt.

Even when the lockdown was at its tightest, however, only a minority of voters supported the recall. We understood that the lockdown, terrible as it was, saved lives. We understood that Newsom was following science.

The editorial fantasizes that in the event of another global disaster, Newsom could be recalled. I think it’s unlikely.

We are not a “red state” like North Dakota, where the governor has bragged for months about his do nothing approach to COVID-19. It’s no surprise that the state with one of the highest rates of coronavirus today is North Dakota. Californians are too smart to vote for Republican candidates who back former President Donald Trump, which is the subject of the recall.

– Ruth Dell, Tiburon

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