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A section of district leaders of Greater Luweero tasked the Minister of State of the Luweero Triangle, Ms. Alice Kaboyo, to lobby the government for concrete projects having a direct impact on the general well-being of the inhabitants of the region. .
Leaders say that unlike other areas where the government has allocated resources for affirmative action, Luweero, which was the epicenter of the liberation war that inaugurated the current government in 1986, has never benefited from such projects.
“It is unfortunate that the government has struggled over the years with the veterans compensation program which has left many families who were lined up as bitter beneficiaries. Luweero grapples with the hospital project while the construction of the district headquarters is another project that needs to be thought through. Most of the government’s promises, including a juice processing plant, ended on paper, ”Luweero District President Erasto Kibirango told the Luweero Triangle Minister over the weekend.
Ms. Rose Birungi, Resident Commissioner of Luweero District, said the issue of unpaid ex-combatants is very complex and requires special attention as the government prepares to decentralize the services of the Luweero Triangle Ministry through the new regional office.
“Many veterans come to my office to ask for answers as to why they have not yet been considered for compensation while their counterparts have received their packages. We need to use the new regional office to boost service delivery as a government, ”she said.
Bamunanika County MP Robert Ssekitoleko said they had patiently searched over the years for a government-promised juice factory, but the pledge was never fulfilled.
“The decentralization of services to the Luweero Triangle ministry should be accompanied by the implementation of many government projects that remain unfulfilled promises. It is also true that our people need mindset change programs that target hard work, but the government has an obligation to keep its commitments in the service delivery system that are still lacking in Greater Luweero ”, said he declared.
In 2017, the government, through the Luweero Triangle Ministry, built a regional office building as a coordination center in Luweero district, but the office remained unoccupied for about three years, with many leaders and residents questioning its relevance, but it cost the taxpayer a lot of money. .
In her response, Ms. Alice Kaboyo said that President Museveni was very concerned about the slow pace of development in the village areas of the Luweero Triangle and wanted the issue of service delivery to be a priority.
“It is also true that the war compensation program was never complete despite the various interventions. I have already discussed with the Attorney General the issue of veterans compensation, which remains a major topic in this area. We need to resolve the compensation process and close the chapter, ”she said.
The need for the regional coordination office
The government has deemed it wise to settle and manage some of the affairs concerning the Luweero Triangle region at the regional office, as many ex-combatants are of legal age and cannot travel long distances to access ministry services in Kampala.
“The new office will bridge the communication gap and serve as a coordination center for the various government projects under the Luweero Triangle Ministry. The new office is not for ex-combatants but for government programs under the Luweero Triangle Ministry, ”the minister said in a brief interview.
Liberation War Compensation Plan
While the government estimates the number of liberation war veterans supposed to benefit from both the gratuity and the war at around 80,000, including those who have already been compensated, the various verification programs organized by the Ministry of Defense have always aroused the surprise of new war claimants who have never been entered before in the ministry’s data.
In 2018, the Department of Defense appointed a committee to oversee the verification exercise through documentation of approximately 79,000 civilian and military veterans who had been lined up for compensation from their respective gratuity and retirement areas. ‘worth 500 billion shillings.
The committee was tasked with filling in gaps that had occurred, including several cases of new claimants that the government said had already benefited.
Mr. Idris Ssedunga, president of the War Veterans Association, admitted that every time the government comes up with a vetting exercise for veterans, the list keeps growing with both the real seekers and impersonators.
“It was a big challenge in terms of compensation. I hope the government will find a way to fix this problem once and for all, ”he said.

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