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Naijha Wright-Brown at the 2019 Keep It Fresh Festival in Baltimore, MD

Naijha Wright-Brown at the 2019 Keep It Fresh Festival in Baltimore, MD

Keep It Fresh Day Hashtag

Keep It Fresh Day Hashtag

On Monday, June 14, the communities of Baltimore, Durham, Denver, Oakland and New York will come together for Keep it Fresh Day.

I grew up breathing the polluted air from local factories. Fresh water has always been a problem, and the coolest thing in my neighborhood was a lemon in a liquor store … “

– Dr Ietef Vita

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 / – On Monday, June 14, 2021, the communities of Baltimore, Durham, Denver, Oakland and New York will come together for a Keep it Fresh Day festival. June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, so get ready to keep it fresh! Celebrate, create and fill your cups and plates with plant-based meals and drinks filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. The Black Veg Society of Maryland, the Vita Earth Foundation and the Plant-Based Network plan to provide a whole lot of freshness through their virtual multi-city festival!

The Keep It Fresh Day festival will spotlight the most influential people and restaurants from Denver, CO, Baltimore, MD, Durham, North Carolina, Oakland, California and New York, and more, using foods made from plants as a means of promoting healthy diets, climate change and animal rights. The free virtual festival program will include demonstrations of herbal cooking art, organic gardening tips, music videos, environmental actions, a panel discussion, and keynote speaker Koya Webb. Dr. Ietef “DJ Cavem” Vita ( started Keep it Fresh Day in 2011 and it officially became a Denver day in 2014, and in Baltimore, the mayor recognized Keep it Fresh Day in 2017. We are learning more about why this is so important to Dr Ietef Vita, aka DJ Cavem, “I grew up in the five points, breathing polluted air from local factories. Fresh water has always been a problem, and the coolest thing in my neighborhood was a lemon in a liquor store. I’m really excited that other cities are following suit and my goal is to make it a national day. ”

Naijha Wright-Brown, Executive Director of the Black Veg Society of Maryland says, “The mission of the Black Veg Society of Maryland is to meet people where they are on their vegan and vegan journey. Our organization does this literally by reaching out. the hand select physical spaces, its individual mental space, and now, more than ever, virtual spaces. The summer season is approaching and we want people to be made aware of the importance of keeping it fresh on their plates, in their cups and the mind, body and spirit as a whole. “

What is different? This is not your typical in-person event. Each city will feature local vendors / people focusing on people of color and their businesses and host special events and activities, which you can read more about at Several organizations are taking the lead in each city, including the Black Veg Society of Maryland (Baltimore, MD), Triangle Vegfest (Durham, NC) and the Vita Earth Foundation (Denver, CO). Additionally, the Plant-Based Network will broadcast all interviews with local vendors, as well as live reports from each city, through its PBNet TV app available for free on iOS, Androids, Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. at According to Ronnie ‘Tsunami’ Gandiza, CEO of the Plant-Based Network, “We wanted to share some of the big solutions cities have to bring healthier and more sustainable food to communities of color, as well as show how other cities and organizations can also keep it up to date. “

This is a free event for all, donations accepted in each city. Be ready to eat and support all the vendors that are featured and don’t forget to keep it fresh!

For more information and the calendar of events, please visit:

Learn more about the Black Veg Society of Maryland (BVSMD)
BVSMD meets people where they are on their vegan and vegetal journey. Their mission is to educate the public, especially the BIPOC communities, on the benefits of a plant-based diet and the practice of veganism while building a community around healthy, accessible and sustainable food by focusing on emphasis on compassionate lifestyle choices. BVSMD develops relationships and collaborates with businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and churches that share the mission of promoting dietary, ethical or environmental veganism. The organization offers a 24/7 online resource center with access to educational resources made available by partner organizations, vegan advocates, health and wellness coaches and other referrals. They organize special events, webinars, cooking demonstrations, wellness classes, panel discussions, social media campaigns and conduct interviews with activists and community advocates. In 2019, BVSMD was honored by VegFund, at the National Animal Rights Conference, for its outstanding commitment to reaching future vegans ‘where they are’ through innovative food festivals, community outreach and engagement of restaurants.

Learn more about the Vita Earth Foundation
The Vita Earth Foundation transforms lives with the light of nature. They believe in the mind-body connection and that humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience, so they seek to create a sacred space that helps people connect with Mother Earth while inspiring a better quality of life. .
The Vita Earth Foundation promotes environmental and food justice initiatives to serve those who need them most. They believe in urgent action to raise public awareness of some of the most pressing issues such as food and environmental justice, well-being of mind, body and spirit in NIPOC communities. , health and environmental disparities, and environmental and animal welfare.

Learn more about Plant-Based Network (PBNet)
Plant-Based Network (PBNet) is a television network and lifestyle and entertainment media company that promotes plant-based living to the general public, including omnivores, flexitarians, reducers, vegetarians and vegans. PBNet’s mission is to grow the plant movement by helping people, businesses and organizations be a catalyst for change so that everyone can enjoy better health and a greener planet.
For Consumers: PBNet broadcasts TV shows, movies, events, and online courses covering a wide variety of interests, including plant / vegan cooking, travel, health, fitness, music, family, education and shopping via the PBNet TV app available for free on iOS, Android, Roku TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.
For Business: PBNet helps businesses reach mainstream consumers, who are interested in better health and a more sustainable lifestyle, through branding, content development, advertising and marketing, and community feedback. PBNet also provides a wide range of digital marketing services for plant / vegan entrepreneurs, including website and logo design, SEO and social media management services.


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