Sussex County grand jury overruled attempted murder charges against Hamburg man accused of repeatedly stabbing a 14-year-old during a brawl at Gingerbread Castle, according to recently released court documents.

Steven Rogers, 21, was initially charged with aggravated assault after using a 4 inch knife to stab the teenager in the head, upper chest, armpits and hand at the iconic attraction of Hamburg, police said following the Dec.3 incident. A grand jury on May 13 increased the charge.

Rogers was also charged with endangering an injured victim, illegal possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for illegal purposes. His girlfriend and soon to be mother of his child, Amanda Fullman, 20, was the apparent catalyst for the incident, with police citing an apparent “love triangle” between the trio.

But Fullman, of Green Township, faces his own charges in the joint indictment of endangering a child’s well-being by inviting the teenager to the castle knowing he would find himself face to face with it. deal with Rogers, according to the indictment. She was also charged with contempt of court for violating a restraining order against the teenager.

The teenager, whose name was withheld by authorities due to his age, went to police two months before the incident to report that he had had sex with Fullman during the course of the incident. ‘a year, according to police documents.

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Fullman was indicted by police and those counts were confirmed by a grand jury in a second indictment on May 13. She faces charges of sexual assault and two counts of endangering the well-being of a child. One of the charges accuses him of taking nude photos of the teenager.

While it’s still unclear what Fullman’s intentions were at the time of the stabbing, Sussex County Superior Court Judge N. Peter Conforti wondered if Fullman planned to have Rogers and the teenager meet. Fullman was with Rogers when she contacted the teenager and told her to meet her so she could return a pair of headphones. Rogers’ attorney, Thomas Militano, said Rogers and the teenager had a “story” with the two having been in a fight before.

Once there, Rogers allegedly used a pocket knife to stab the teenager, causing him fatal injuries, police said. The teenager received 37 stitches and eight staples at Newton Medical Center, Sahil Kabse, a Sussex deputy prosecutor said.

Rogers fled the scene and was then taken to Morris County Jail, where he remains pending a resolution of his case. Fullman was released from prison about two weeks after his arrest.

Fullman was once employed by the Gingerbread Castle as part of the Castle Restoration Art Team, which is the centerpiece of an amusement park that closed in 1978.

Fullman and Rogers are expected to be arrested on June 8.

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