Princess of Wales Diana was a member of the British Royal Family and her charming voice enchanted everyone, even the Prince of Wales Charles was captivated. Netflix Originals Diana:

The musical released on October 1, 2021 shows Diana’s musical journey to the Princess of Wales, Diana, from her marriage to Prince of Wales Charles to her unfortunate demise, all painstakingly added showing the full story of Diana’s life . Above all, it shows the romance and the confused love triangle between the Princess of Wales, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Starring Judy Kaye as Queen Elizabeth, Roe Hartrampf as Prince Charles, Jeanne De Waal as Princess Diana, Erin Davie as Camilla Parker Bowles as main characters and Zach Adkins, Ashley Andrews , Austen Danielle Bohmer, Holly Ann Butler, Bruce Dow, Richard Gatta, Lauren EJHamilton, Shaye B. Hopkins, André Jordan, Gareth Keegan, Nathan Lucrezio, Tomás Matos, Chris Medlin, Laura Stracko and Bethany Ann Tesarck as recurring and guest characters .

Should you broadcast it or ignore it?

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Diana: The musical show was almost doomed to failure when restrictions and blockades were imposed in all other countries, shutting down theaters. However, the good news came when the show began production during the pandemic with the goal of releasing it on the biggest video streaming giant: Netflix ahead of its Broadway premiere.

Focusing mainly on the biography and musical journey of the Princess of Wales, her story was controversial at the time when the Love Triangle news was set between Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (Charles’ second wife ).

If I had to give you all the gist of the musical, these would be the first scenes that purposely attracted audiences to watch the musical. The story centers on Diana Spencer, a 19-year-old independent woman who struggles to navigate her journey and get used to the culture and traditions of the British Royal Family.

She ended up divorcing after discovering that Prince Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles; she presented herself as a strong and courageous woman who withdrew from a toxic and suffocating loveless marriage and began to work for the needy primarily for the welfare of the needy and the poor. Princess Diana was not only the Princess of Wales, but she also established her legacy by setting an example for all other women.

Princess Diana married Prince Charles and conceived two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William. Amazing is the fact that Diana and Charles wanted a girl but ended up having two princes. The most fictional part of the musical was when there was a scene about Camilla Parker Bowles buying the Prince Charles Name Wedding Necklace for Diana Spencer, but there was still some uncertainty as to the veracity of the scene.

But it was pretty obvious that Camilla and Charles were having an affair, and that was the reason for the split between Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Charles never really officially proposed to Princess Diana. Diana separated from Prince Charles in 1992 and ended up divorcing in 1996, just a year before she disappeared in a car accident in Paris. It would be a feast for the eyes to see the Princess of Wales musical Diana.

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Diana: The Musical (2021) Review: Stream It Or Skip It?
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You should definitely STREAM IT. Princess Diana Musical is extremely powerful as Diana Spencer is a strong woman who has come the way of her life struggling to overcome her difficulties including addiction to royal life, marriage issues, relationships. incompatible and societal norms.