Last week we published an op-ed by Durham resident Frank Hyman on the wisdom (or perhaps lack thereof) behind voting for one-third in important elections such as the upcoming mid-term elections. mandate this fall. Our readers had many opinions on opinion.

From the reader Iain Burnet by email:

“Reminds me of The Onion article used to nausea after every school shooting with only the date and location changed. Only this version is about the election, and an iteration of it appears every two years “An election is coming up, and it’s going to be close, so all you green spoilers out there, join the program and vote Big Blue!” Republicans probably feel the same way about Libertarians (who vastly outnumber the greens in North Carolina, by the way) – maybe the GOP has its own “independent” publications where it can slowly erode democracy with this inherently reasonable talk that “this is the last time, baby, you can vote for whoever you want next time. Worrying. How about instead of leaving partisan garbage like this in your Op-Ed section (which, by the way, I believe was written by a registered Democrat if NC voter research is correct), you draw attention to the fact that nearly two million registered NC voters do not vote at all. This is the real shame of our elections. Is ranked voting the solution? Are debates that include all the candidates a good idea? I don’t know, but we need a change that makes even political outliers feel like welcome participants.

From the Twitter commentator Necco wafer:

“The responsibility lies with the party to move to the left if it wants to capture voters on that side. If Democrats continue to slide right to capture more conservative voters, they shouldn’t be surprised to lose votes on the left.

From the Twitter commentator Care Bear mech suit:

“The Green Party candidates are not taking votes away from the Democrats. They appeal to voters whom Democrats have intentionally disenfranchised. Those are votes the Democrats wouldn’t have gotten anyway.

And from the Twitter commentator Michael Oakeswho is also a Libertarian candidate for NC House District 49:

“@indyweek attacking third parties is not a good idea.”

Finally, reader Iain Burnet weighed in again on Facebook:

“Two thumbs down. Relies on a mistaken assumption that people who support green politics forget that the Democratic Party has been trying all summer to get the Green candidate out of the polls (how Democratic!) Misses the fact that there are only a few thousand Green supporters and many more Libertarians who might as well realize that a vote for Libertarians only helps Democrats (a lot of danger!). Completely glosses over the fact that the candidates should appeal to the millions of voters who have abandoned the stalled duopoly in Congress and won’t bother to vote (so sad!) Don’t be fooled by the Democrat in the photo – he has morels, not morals.

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